Back in the Saddle of the Studio

Maureen Ezra Cassie and Belle started rehearsing (sometimes with Mo’s baby Armaan!) in November.

We are delving into the mysteries of the energetic dancing body, taking the time for a deeper focused study of the moving body (this kind of study is a core value and fuels the next body of new work). We are inspired by Maureen’s study with personal dance hero Benoit la Chambre (who came to Seattle this summer at SFADI) as we experiment with breathing organ and tongue connections and then Maureen choreographs. We also enrich the study by improvising which is always fun and with an energized and connected body opens treasure troves of possibilites.

The images for an upcoming film fueled by this studio work and our recent Myth of me and you (which opened at ACT Theatre March 2009 one week before the arrival of baby Armaan!) are alive in the studio and at the same time we all are reenergized by the simple mystery of a dancing body in space. This period of investigation and study informs us and propel us into a new work driven by our desire to harness the power of our life force through dance. We are reminded of the endless possibility of moving bodies.

Maureen is also starting some solo work! Her dance buddy Heather Kravas is here from France and we go in and dance solos for each other. The inspired company and solo work inform the upcoming Myth film and creates a new body of work. We are all grateful to just dance!