Thru November 11th! Come see Belle Wolf dance and the work of Maureen’s choreography in a theatre setting within this moving Indian Epic! From Brangien Davis Seattle Magazine October 2012 “Several scenes are conveyed wordlessly, through dance and puppetry, which gives the play what Beattie calls a “choreopoetic” sensibility. Choreographer Whiting explains, “Dance plays the same role [in Ramayana] as it does in Indian theater or Bollywood movies, which is to provide an energetic and romantic sense of the story when words cannot.” (She calls this “solving problems.”) In the play, she uses a fusion of her own contemporary movement with classic mudras (hand gestures) and Indian dance numbers. Whiting feels a personal connection to the story—she travels to India every two years with her Indian husband and their children. She hopes to be an ambassador of sorts by way of the play, reflecting “the spirit of the Ramayana and the truth of Indian philosophy” through dance.”