The Myth of Me and You


Created during a yearlong creative residency supported by ACT Theatre’s visionary Central Heating Lab initiative, Myth of Me and You is Maureen Whiting Company’s latest in a trilogy of intensely visual contemporary dance works.

Through a subterranean lair created by longtime collaborator and award winning designer Etta Lilienthal, Myth of Me and You immerses the audience in a universe rich in symbolic and surrealistic meaning. Antlers, honey and a 15–foot wooden slide frame the wild geometry of Whiting’s choreography, in which the four dancers of Myth of Me and You—Ezra Dickinson, Marissa Niederhauser, Belle Wolf and Cassie Wulff—use darkly playful movement to explore the roles we play in creating and enacting our own personal mythologies.

Myth of Me and You is set to an original music score by internationally acclaimed Seattle composer Eyvind Kang, with additional music by Dave Abramson and Evan Schiller. The piece features costume design by Seattle’s helga hizer with Lucy Brennan and Paris-based Tilla Kuenzli, and light design by Chris Reay.

Myth of Me and You was created with support from The Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs, 4Culture and Washington State Arts Commission.