Maureen Whiting is a choreographer, dancer, and mathematician based in Oakland, California. She has shown work in the Bay Area for the last six years as well as teaching in Oakland Public Schools. Her work was supported in Seattle for over 20 years by On the Boards, Seattle University, Velocity Dance and ACT Theatre where she also developed “Ramayana” with nationally acclaimed directors. She taught dance at Seattle University’s Theatre Department for 3 years and has taught many workshops on improvisation and the creative process. As well as theatre work she has done installations in hotel rooms, outside in a military fort, and in galleries. Beyond the West Coast she performed her work in New York, Philadelphia, Alaska, and Europe. Company work expands to site specific pieces and films. Maureen created film and video projects for Seattle’s Northwest Film Forum and released a short as part of Seattle Women in Film in 2007. Maureen grew up a ballet dancer and trained in improvisation with Stephanie Skura (while dancing in her company) and Joan Skinner among others. She graduated with a degree in Mathematics in 1989 from Smith College and currently teaches mathematics. This is her Ted Talk on Art and Mathematics.
Maureen has had a dance company since 1997. The creations within her dance company with her collaborators are deeply investigative, well researched and with rich visual imagery. Maureen Whiting’s work reflects colliding forces of rigorous mathematical thinking and subconsciously sourced visual poetry. She mines her own personal narrative to achieve the kind of immediacy associated with a fascinating myth or an unshakable dream. Conceptual, visceral and personal, her work strives to be as immediate and available. The result is choreography that has been described as ritualistic “particularly beautiful and eccentric…making a ritual you’re convinced you remember from a dream.” (Seattle Weekly)
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Company (current)
Ezra Dickinson
Company (former)
Belle Wolf, Cassie Wulf, Tamin Totze, Julie Tobiason, Kory Perrigo, Laurentia Barbu, Matthew Reynolds, Holly Hatfield, Jessica Jobaris, Alia Swersky, Michele Steinwald, Hassan Christopher, Christian Cederlund